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Sunday, November 09, 2003

Poker Night

I'm home safe & sound after the proverbial "Saturday night out with the boys playing poker."  Oh my god, they're DOGS! And they're playing POKER! The online games can be fun at places like Pokerstars or Truepoker, playing with either real or play money, and you can practice and learn a fair amount online. 

But for a genuine "blow off some steam" evening, nothing beats playing in a real, face-to-face game with folks who know enough to take the game semi-seriously and whose pride makes them competitive, but who aren't so intense about the game that they get bent out of shape if they don't win.  (And even if you're pretty good, there will be the nights when you don't win.)

I'm going to have to find an appropriate housewarming/thank-you gift for my colleague who hosted tonight at his new place .... Since he also has a new dog, maybe a doggie toy?  (Basset hounds being easier to buy for than lawyers, methinks, as a general proposition.)

And yes, this time I came out ahead by a nice margin, although IIRC that's the first clearly winning night I've had in the last few outtings.  A few extra bucks is nice to take home, but that wasn't the main point for anyone who played tonight.

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