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Monday, November 17, 2003

Google mysteries

I am amazed that when one does a Google search on "Jack Kennedy," this thread from BeldarBlog pops up as the number two link. 

The same is not true, of course, for a search on "JFK" or "John F. Kennedy" or "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" โ€” but the "Jack" nickname was so widely known and used that I'm very surprised there aren't many, many pages somewhere on the web that use that nickname and are deemed more "credible" or "relevant" or whatever by Google.


UPDATE (Sun Nov 23):   This is no longer true โ€” I've been moved down to the second page on Google due to recent anniversary-of-his-death publicity, which is just as well.  Thinking of BeldarBlog as "authoritative" on anything other than Beldarisms (meaning mine, not my namesake's) regarding law, life, politics, etc., is kinda weird.

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