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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Short rave about TypePad

TypePad has yet to disappoint me in any significant way.  Promised new features, like domain mapping, have appeared frequently and pretty much on-schedule.  There are many thoughtful features — for instance, the ability to turn comments and trackbacks on or off with respect to each single post — which you wouldn't ordinarily expect from a brand new service.  Their documentation is good and getting better.  It's still sometimes thin on advanced matters.  But that thinness is more than compensated for by fabulous, friendly, patient, personal, and quick Customer Support — which continues to be my favorite thing about TypePad.

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(1) kevin whited made the following comment | Sep 17, 2003 9:29:11 PM | Permalink

My only concern with TypePad was that the servers might become bogged down over time. But the sites I read seem to fly, which I'm pleased to see. Domain mapping is a nice touch -- must remember to update my blogroll at some point.

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