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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Shhhh! Truant Texas Dems™ tiptoe to US Supreme Court

I've previously expressed my opinion that the September 12th order of the three-judge panel in Barrientos v. Texas — the lawsuit filed in federal court in Laredo by the Truant Texas Dems™ (a/k/a "the Texas Eleven Ten") — is probably not a final, appealable order, but rather an interlocutory (mid-case) one.  I've also made clear my opinion that their chances of getting any relief in the US Supreme Court are slim and none, even if the order were appealable.  And in fact, the Dems may be doing their Republican opponents a favor by keeping the case open, since it might become a shortcut for the time-pressed GOP to get past inevitable lawsuits challenging whatever redistricting plan does emerge from the third special session, possibly sometime next week.

Nevertheless, lawyers for the Dems filed a three-page "Notice of Appeal" (60kb .pdf file) last Monday, September 22nd.

I'm surprised that they apparently did so with no fanfare:   I've seen no mention of this in the popular press or the blogosphere.  Nor is there any reference to it on, for example, the Texas Democratic Party website or the (re-named and regraphic'd, but not re-URL'd) Texas Ten website.  Given the eagerness with which the Dems' lawyers have sought out the TV cameras and newspaper reporters in the past, one wonders what accounts for this sudden shyness. 

Is it possible that they are capable of shame?

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