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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Senators on new meds?

It's hard to tell how things stand in the Texas Senate right now.  Tuesday was apparently a big improvement over Monday, according to the Austin American-Statesman:

And on the second day of the third special session, without the raucous crowd that a day earlier had egged one side on and aggravated the other, peace and love reigned in the Texas Senate.

Tuesday's outbreak of interparty peace, including movement toward dropping fines imposed on the Democrats during their 45-day boycott, shifted the focus to GOP intraparty fighting that could become the biggest obstacle to new congressional maps.

"I think they changed people's medicines last night," Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, joked after watching Monday's opening day mayhem melt into Tuesday's love fest.

But in press reports about today's action, there's no visible progress yet — either on solving the Midland vs. Lubbock issue that's blocking intra-Republican agreement on a map, or on the disposition of the fines and sanctions that are pending against the truant Dems.  As to the latter:   guys, I'm willing to negotiate on the royalty fee for the Beldar Peace Plan.  Try it, you'll like it!  Win-win deals are hard to find.

Meanwhile, an incredible story in the Laredo Morning Times has this report:

The Texas Ten are claiming they are the victims of "oppression," and are requesting an investigation by the Webb County District Attorney's Office.

District Attorney Joe Rubio confirmed Tuesday that he assigned two prosecutors to investigate alleged official oppression that could lead to criminal charges.

Rubio said the investigation stemmed from a request on the part of attorney Carlos Zaffirini, husband of state Senator Judith Zaffirini (D-Laredo) and hired counsel for the Texas Ten.

Apparently hell hath no fury like an SUV-driving senator scorned.  Let's hope DA Rubio was only humoring his powerful husband-and-wife constituents, and will have the good sense and integrity to treat this like your basic flying saucer abduction claim.

Also, the Houston Chronicle has published a hysterical (in both senses of that word) op-ed by one Glenn W. Smith, whom the Chron describes as a "consultant to MoveOn.org and The Rockridge Institute in Oakland."  Gasp, he's "currently writing a book detailing the ways our political practices are destroying freedom and democracy."  Mr. Smith is elsewhere described as "managing director/consultant" to Rockridge, which describes itself as a "progressive" thinktank made up of Berkeley and UC-Davis professors (fair and balanced, I'm sure); he may or may not still live in Austin, but he doesn't hesitate to speak for all Texans in calling for disruptive public demonstrations on the floor of the Texas Senate while it's in session.  He also can't tell the difference between majority-rule voting by (small-d) democratically elected legislators of both parties and "the Government of the Bully."  I'm pretty sure this is a guy I couldn't have a friendly beer with, and whether he's actually moved to California or not, we need this kind of commentary exactly as much as the Russian people needed the Kaiser to ship Lenin back to them in 1917 in the infamous sealed railway car.

Finally, with more of the "it's all about racism" meme that I've recently debunked:   MoveOn.org is now airing race-baiting TV commercials in Spanish, complete with ominous music, which claim that "George Bush and his friends in Texas want to take away the voting power of 1.4 million Hispanics and other minority voters.  And put us in Republican districts where our votes wouldn't matter."  Minority votes only matter if they're cast for Democrats, doncha know?  Could there be any more racist presumption?

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