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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Remember Landru!

The New York Times of course manages to completely miss the distinction between "rules" and "traditions," swallowing and then regurgitating the agitprop of the Truant Texas Dems™ by reporting in tomorrow's edition that

[b]ecause of quorum requirements and a longtime rule requiring a two-thirds majority to bring up a bill, the Republicans need two Democratic votes to move legislation.... After Democrats thwarted a first special session in June, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst suspended the two-thirds rule, angering Democrats and prompting the flight.

(Say it with me, friends and neighbors:   It's ... a ... LIE!)

Episode #22: 'Return of the Archons'But I was more interested in two more minor bits from this story.  The first was the report that Sen. Whitmire is "known as Boogie from his avid partying in younger years."  My respect for him grows hourly by leaps and bounds.

The other was this quote, referring to Sen. Whitmire's status as the longest-tenured member of the current Texas Senate:   "As dean, I have a responsibility to protect the integrity of the body," he said.

These are wise words, for those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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