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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

If I were David Dewhurst looking at Judith Zaffirini's Grand Cherokee ...

Per the San Antonio Express-News:

[Lt. Gov. David] Dewhurst made two predictions [on Monday] — both of them untested.

Of the Senate he said: "This body will come together in very, very short order. This is the Texas Senate. We're proud of our ability to be able to work together."

And he warned that if Sen. Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo, parks in the Capitol drive today, her vehicle will be towed.

Earlier, fellow Democrats Eddie Lucio of Brownsville and Eliot Shapleigh of El Paso joined Zaffirini in parking in their Capitol slots. They did so despite a decision by GOP senators in mid-August to yank the AWOL Democrats' parking privileges and fine them a total of $57,000 each, among other sanctions.

Sen. Zaffirini recently broke her shoulder while ice skating, and she has one arm suspended in a sling.  (The Dallas Morning-News reported that the "Texas redistricting battle has exacted a price from the Legislature and its members, but now there's a broken bone on the list."  What liberal media?)

So if I'm David Dewhurst, what I do is make plans to have her Jeep towed Tuesday.  Then — out of my own pocket — I hire a limo service, with both a driver and another guy in a uniform to stand at her parking space with a sign with her name.  The driver circles the Capitol grounds until the guy with the sign signals him via cell phone that she's coming, and they offer to take her anywhere she wants to go, including to get her Jeep out of impound.

Sens. Lucio and Shapleigh can walk.

Sadly, I've concluded that there's no hope for the Beldar Peace Plan.  The Dems don't want peace.  They want a media circus, as is evident by the stunt they orchestrated Monday on the Senate floor and in the Senate gallery.  Sen. Leticia Van de Putte — quoted as shouting "Thank you Texas!" from the Senate floor to cheering fans in the gallery, and also as singing "Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Seen" — can't decide if she's Meryl Streep in "Sophie's Choice", Rosa Parks, or one of the Dixie Chicks, but she clearly has no interest in being a state senator anymore.  She and her colleagues are bound and determined to make themselves into martyrs, and certainly some voters are bound and determined to see them that way.

Others will simply see them as losers — and very poor ones at that.

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(1) Walter Haag made the following comment | Sep 20, 2003 10:38:14 AM | Permalink

This is a real joke. These people are suppose to be leaders. They act like the spoiled kid on the block. The Republicans had good teacher with this redistricting. The shoe is on the other foot now and the cry babies can't take it. I loved seeing all those wimpy men (?) standing behind those two dominant females. Courtesy or cowardness? I can see why some districts get nothing done in their areas. Laugh on America at the racists at their best.

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