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Sunday, August 10, 2003

WaPo nails Gore

While some of the opinions expressed in this editorial in today's Washington Post about Mr. Gore and his August 7th speech are liberal (and therefore critical of Dubya), they're clear-eyed.  They're free from the mouth-frothing that's infected Al Gore, the editorial writers of the NYT, and more sadly, the supposed "news" writers of the NYT. 

But especially given their source, WaPo's observations about both Gore's speech and the Democratic party's increasing drift toward radicalism are ... surgically brutal, if that term makes any sense. 

I've watched the trailer from "The Passion," and I was impressed.  But whoever wrote this editorial could give Mel Gibson a few tips to make the crucifiction scenes even more realistic.

WaPo's never going to be "fair and balanced," but this is a good example of why I agree with others who've observed that WaPo is moving to supplant the NYT as the nation's "paper of record."

(See, I can too write a post that's less than 3000 words!)


UPDATE:  Referring to the same Gore speech, Bob Herbert's opinion piece in Monday's NYT entitled "The Art of the False Impression" begins with a whine that "[i]n the superamplified media din created by the likes of Arnold and Kobe and Ben and Jen, it's very difficult for the former vice president, a certified square, to break into the national conversation."  Herbert doesn't really have a point to make after that except that we all ought to pay more attention to Mr. Gore, so he contents himself with summarizing and repeating Gore's speech.  Pretty sad, really.

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