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Friday, August 08, 2003

TypePad quirks

Admittedly I lack a basis for comparison, but so far I'm generally well-pleased with the features and functionality of TypePad, the weblogging service I'm using for BeldarBlog.  It's a brand new product and indeed is still in its "preview release" stage, but it's well beyond the beta-ware stage.  Most hearteningly, their customer service folks have been very quick and responsive in my dealings with them so far!

The most annoying kink that I've become aware of is that for some unexplained reason and at unpredictable intervals, my publishing an edit or a new post will prompt the material in the right-hand column (the "sidebar") to suddenly drop all the way to the bottom of the webpage, directly below the main text column โ€” but (here's the quirk!) only on some settings of the Text Size options offered by my Internet Explorer 6.0 browser!  Sometimes if I reset to, say, "Large" text size, the sidebar suddenly heals itself and jumps back into position; but ten hours and three posts later, "Large" text causes the bug and "Largest" seems to fix it.

Thus do the gods of Coding and the Internet get their jollies. I'm sure the TypePad folks will either fix the problem or tell me what I've been doing wrong that's caused it.  Meantime, if it matters to you whether you see the sidebar at the side or at the bottom, click the View link at the top of your IE browser window for the pull-down menu, scroll down to the Text Size side-menu choices, and then experiment a bit with different text sizes.

On which general subject (broadly construed):  Anyone with technical or aesthetic comments about this website is welcome to share your hints and opinions with me, either via the Comment function or email.  Thanks in advance!


Update (Sunday, Aug 10 at 5pm):  Yay for Brenna at TypePad tech support!  She's provided me with a custom fix that seems to have solved this problem.  I'm not sure whether this is likely to affect other TypePad users on a random, ad-hoc basis or if instead the problem is something that TypePad's programmers can make some universal coding change to prevent for other users โ€” although if I follow how the fix worked, I suspect the former (I think this is probably an Internet Explorer issue rather than something directly within TypePad's control).  Even so, when and if the problem pops up for a few folks, the tech support group will now know the diagnosis and the immediate remedy for those few individuals.

A+ to the TypePad folks on this, I'm impressed!

Update (Tues Sep 2): The cause of the problem had nothing to do with TypePad per se.  I had a long text string without any spaces or blanks or hyphens at which IE could break the line.  That freaked it its table layout and dumped what normally would have been the sidebar to the bottom.  Moral:  In TypePad or otherwise, avoid that sort of long string without breaks in it.

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