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Monday, August 18, 2003

Don't you dare threaten my outrage!

My post about the Jesus Castillo obscenity conviction from Dallas, along with comments I've left on several blogs and websites that seemed to be promulgating misinformation, have generated some interesting email.

The most gratifying have been along these lines:  "Thank you for shedding some light on this.  I feel better now that I know this isn't a terrible precedent stripping all comics of First Amendment protection."

But I've been surprised by a few emails that have almost nothing in common with each other except glowering hostility, very personally directed at me.  To these writers, it doesn't matter  that I'm a critic of Miller v. California, or that I see a silver lining through the cloud of this specific, not-very-cosmic misdemeanor prosecution.  All that matters is that I've gotten in the way of their outrage with some inconvenient facts.

I'm learning that there's no point in continuing to argue with those folks.

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(1) Slithy Tove made the following comment | Aug 19, 2003 2:50:34 AM | Permalink

Never argue with a crank. The net is full of people riding their own political hobby horses. It is not possible to communicate with these folks. Their convictions are almost religious in nature and cannot be challenged with facts.

I ran into your comments on Overlawyered.com. As others have said, your comments shed light on this case, and thanks for them.

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