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Monday, August 11, 2003

I must be doing something right(-wing?)

Last Friday afternoon, James Taranto of the Best of the Web Today was kind enough to quote from and link to my post on Ahh-nuld's entry into the California gubernatorial race, which tickled me pink. 

Then last night, after I'd posted my humble rebuttal to his editorial in Sunday's Washington Post, National Review Editor Rich Lowry linked to my piece on the National Review Online blog, "The Corner" — describing my piece as "a good representation of one sort of response" that he was getting to his editorial. 

Unless you follow the teachings of the "Al Gore & Maureen Dowd Academy of Journalistic Integrity," that's not quite the same as saying I wrote a "good ... response" — but it's sure better than a poke in the eye with the proverbial sharp stick!

I'm flattered, honored, and tickled pinker that Mr. Lowry bothered to read and link to what I'd written!  Posting to something from someone who disagrees with you displays honesty, class, and self-confidence — more principles that I'll try my best to live up to with BeldarBlog.

Various other folks have been kind enough to mention and link to BeldarBlog in its first week of operation.  The very generous Denise Howell at Bag and Baggage, for instance, posted that I have "Texas-sized rations of charm, humor, and wit to spare."  Woo-hoo!  I may start quoting and linking that in my "Yahoo Personals" ads!  (But then again, she also notes that she's never met me.  Hmmm.  On second thought, maybe no link, just the quote ....)

Meanwhile, back in sharp-stick territory, Eliot Gelwan's follow me here blog reproduced the same excerpt from my Ahh-nuld piece that Mr. Taranto had quoted — you know, the one about Osama bin Laden and bed-wetting — and said that it was "consistent with my [that is, Mr. Gelwan's] longstanding claim that Bush's inarticulateness has been a major part of his appeal to the idiot fringe of the Right."  Again, woo-hoo!  There's something we have bipartificial agreement on!  (I gather from Mr. Gelwan's very articulate blog that he'd identify himself as being on the political left.)

So I'm having much fun in the blogosphere.  Thank you to all who've posted, linked, emailed, or just read any of the stuff I've written.

I do sort of have a creepy feeling, though, that someone is silently watching me through the gaps between the circled wagons at Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering.  I'm sure it's just my imagination, though — probably just residue from the close call with the Hillary-channeling episode

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