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Monday, August 25, 2003

Dog days of August

Things about which I'm either disinclined, or as yet too uninformed, to blog:

  • Kobe Bryant or his accuser
  • The nuclear threat posed by North Korea
  • The Middle East Roadmap
  • Online dating services
  • The openly gay Episcopal bishop
  • Paul Krugman
  • The Patriot Act and John Ashcroft
  • Judge Moore in Alabama and the Ten Commandments monument
  • Enron or Worldcom
  • The late Patrick Dennehy, the accused Carlton Dodson, Jr., or the Baylor athletics program
  • J-Lo or Ben Afflek

I'm remain convinced that Jamie Gorelick's conflict of interest is a fabulous topic, but I've run out of things to say about it, and (as others have already noted), both Republican and Democratic leaders have compelling reasons not to focus on it. 

If Fox News and its lawyers have a lick of sense, they'll slink away from their lawsuit against Al Franken and his publishers and never mention it again, but even if they don't, that's another topic on which I'm probably all blogged out.

I remain obsessed by the Texas reapportionment fight — I call it that because I've noticed that if you Google "Texas reapportionment," BeldarBlog is one of the top returns, because most everyone else calls it "redistricting."

I may eventually work up an opinion about the upcoming elections in Texas on a series of proposed amendments to the state constitution, the most controversial of which, Proposition 12, would authorize the Texas Legislature to cap non-economic damages (for instance, damages for pain & suffering) as a tort reform measure.  At this point, though, I'm ambivalent.

I may also get around to the subject of gay marriage eventually, but that's something I'm still conflicted about.  I have takes on Grutman and Lawrence, this summer's two big Supreme Court opinions, that I think are a bit novel, but ... old news, Beldar, old news.

I think I need a digital camera, so I can upload pix of my kids and my dog.  Seems to help inspire Lileks.

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