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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Blame-America-firsters react predictably to another soft-target tragedy in Iraq

Blogger Jeanne d'Arc at Body and Soul has a predictably left-of-center piece of America-blaming on the tragic bombing of the mosque in Najaf.   Tacitus' comments to her post have sparked a spirited discussion, of which I think he's got the better.  (His own blogpost, with a huge number of comments, is here.)  But I'm perhaps over-influenced by my shock that Jeanne still doesn't know who's to blame for the security breaches that led to the UN compound bombing almost two weeks ago.

UPDATE:  Add another left-of-center blog to my list of "those that appear to be open to civil discussion but actually can't tolerate any non-left opinions being expressed, especially ones with awkward facts."   For the sin of linking to a couple of my own prior posts rather than cutting and pasting the individual links contained therein, I've been labeled a "link whore" by Jeanne.  (This notwithstanding the fact that one of the links in my own piece was to the same NYT article that one of Jeanne's regular friends gently pointed out proved Jeanne wrong about the UN and American offers of security.)

She also apparently deleted a pair of comments I'd left on another post, and zapped the trackback I'd left on the bombing post.  I'm now told that indeed I'm not welcome on her blog because one of those comments asked if she'd considered and found a reason to reject three posts that I linked which contained reviews of three different books about the "werewolves" in post-WWII Germany; one of the reviews was in Free Republic, which Ms. d'Arc apparently regards as ... well, I dunno, something beyond the pale and worthy of immediate censorship regardless of content.  I wasn't endorsing either the review or the book being reviewed, but simply was asking if she was aware of them.  And the other comment she deleted contained links to an articles from the LA Times and Slate, those bastions of fascism! 

Such thin skin, such contempt for honest discussion.  And the fact that my ex-wife's name is "Jeanne" has nothing to do with my annoyance.  Really.  It doesn't.

UPDATE (Sun Aug 31):  Ms. d'Arc has also gone so far as to delete a comment from one reader who dared to suggest that I was being polite by merely linking back to my own lengthy blogs instead of cutting-and-pasting them in full into hers.  How someone who's left-of-center can be such a disgustingly enthusiastic censor is beyond me.  Ms. d'Arc has not, however, found the time to acknowledge that her original "rebuttal" to Tacitus' comment was just dead-bang wrong.

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