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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Big home lots in California?

In a fascinating article about Ahh-nuld's wife Maria, Time begins with this factoid:

Five years ago, when she gave the commencement speech at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., Maria Shriver relied on the usual bromides. "Gotta have laughter." "Pinpoint your passion." "Be willing to fail." But then she turned to the subject of sex, and brought the Catholic graduates to their feet. "Forgive me, Mommy," she said, and went on to argue that womankind's great contribution to civilization is "awesome creative sex." She later wrote a book outlining her philosophy of life, in which she felt compelled to reveal, "There's no Viagra within a 50-mile radius of our house."

(Emphasis added, but probably not needed.)

Fifty-mile radius?  We all know from mail-box spam that this can't be a Viagra availability or supply problem for the neighbors, if any.  So either they built on a very large, very private lot, or there may be some kind of persistent downwind industrial-strength pheromones situation here — the latter of which, I guess, might be a campaign asset. 

I hope that, as reported, Maria's very involved in campaign strategy.  And if they have a lick of sense, they'll work hard to get her into every public appearance and every photo and TV op they possibly can over the next two months.  There's probably three percent of the California electorate who'd say to themselves come voting day, "Well, if the niece of JFK and RFK is this enthusiastic about him, maybe I'll trust him too!"  And that might be enough for a margin of victory in this crazy race.

Fifty miles.  Measured radially. Wow.  Awesome, dude and dudette!

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