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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Beldar's free, fair & balanced legal advice to Fox is vindicated!

Fully clothed: Fox News' lawyer, Dori Ann Hanswirth of Hogan & HartsonPositive correlation?  Yes!  Causal connection?  Well ... almost certainly not. 

(Although in skimming logs to see where my blog's referrals are coming from, I've been absolutely stunned at the large number of Google searches that have led folks here based on the phrases "Dori Ann Hanswirth" and/or "Hogan & Hartson."  Maybe if I use "Dori Ann Hanswirth NAKED" as a keyword ....)

Balance is Important in News, Hot Coffee, and LawBut after ignoring my first post with advice on its lawsuit against Al Franken and his publisher, Fox News has followed my advice in my second post.  WaPo reported today that "Fox dropped the suit Monday after a federal judge rejected its request for an injunction." 

The story also contains this jaw-dropper about Franken's book:

"Lies" contains lots of citations and statistics because Franken, during a fellowship this year at Harvard's Shorenstein press center, was given 14 research assistants to help him scour the media archives.

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